Hayward Tigershark QC Pool Cleaner


Hayward® Tigershark QC Pool Cleaner

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The new QC is a full-fledged AquaVac TigerShark® with souped-up power, able to clean most pools in Only 1 Hour!

Heralded by its maker, the AquaVac TigerShark® is arguably the World’s Strongest Pool Cleaner. We think it may also be the Most Attractive as well. Known for their commercial cleaners, AquaVac Systems developed the TigerShark®, aka Excalibur several years ago and it has been growing in popularity thanks to the aforementioned and its exclusive On-Board Filter Cartridge, the easiest-to-clean debris catcher in the industry.

The newest generation TigerShark® has bridged a gap that heretofore separated it from the robotic pool cleaner industry-leader, Aqua Products and its Aquabot® line, by introducing a TigerShark® that could micro-filter a pool. It already did about everything else, and as we alluded to above, in a prettier package.

And like the other robotic pool cleaners, it cleans virtually any surfaced pool (vinyl-lined, gunite, concrete, pebble tech, fiberglass, etc.) and provides full pool coverage, INCLUDING WALLS. The TigerShark® can now gobble up most algae, dirt and even large debris from the pool’s surfaces and vacuums everything into its filter cartridge.

  • 3-year manufacturers warranty, unmatched in it’s category.

  • 55′ cord length.

  • 1 hour cleaning cycle, 5 hour shut off.

  • For in-ground pools with any type of surface.

  • Cleanup is easy with the patented filter cartridge system. just remove and rinse with a garden hose. (As shown)