Dolphin 3001 Commercial Pool Cleaner


Dolphin 3001 Commercial Pool Cleaner

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For commercial pools up to 60ft. in length.
Cleans the walls, waterline, floor & cove.

-An indicator tells you when the bag has become full of debris.
-Swivel cable prevents tangling.
-Costs less than 15 cents to clean the pool.
-In just under 6 hours, this cleaner will scrub, vacuum & filter your pool.
-Large self contained filter bag collects all dirt and degree.
-Delayed start feature allows debris to settles before beginning the cleaning.
-No connections to the pool are needed.
-Caddy cart included.
-Self-programmed for the best possible clean.
-18 month warranty.
-This pool cleaner is manufactured by Maytronics.

Cycle time: 6 hours
Cable length: 91 ft.
Filter: Ultra Fine
Suction rate: 4,233 gallons per hour

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