Blue Diamond Repair Call Tag Label


Blue Diamond® Repair Call Tag Label

Call Toll Free 1-866-876-8643 

If you would like a call tag to send your  Blue Diamond® in to us at no charge you may do so by clicking on the shopping cart link below.  We will E-Mail you a Fedex label that you can affix to your packed up pool cleaner.  You then simply leave the package out for Fedex to pick up at your place of business (if you have regular pick-ups) or you must bring it to a Fedex store.  Once we receive your cleaner, we will diagnose it and call you with an estimate.  If you choose to not fix the cleaner and still want it shipped back to you, you will be responsible for a $100.00 bench fee for our time diagnosing the cleaner, and $50.00 for return shipping.  If you choose to repair the cleaner than you will be responsible for parts, labor & return shipping.  Lastly, you may choose to not fix the cleaner and tell us to dispose of it and you will not be responsible for any charges whatsoever.